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MAKADIOSTA stands for 'Mga Kaparian sa Diyosesis sa Talibon' (Priests of the Diocese of Talibon). This is an internet forum for priests and their friends of the Diocese of Talibon, Bohol, PHILIPPINES.

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The Djehuty of the Crocodile.

We all know the timeframe of Djehuty's, so I will concentrate only on the Djehuty of the Crocodile. The world really has changed. The woman is no longer valued and the man became the great and powerful leader, and it is precisely that Christianity begins

Xyoo teev Ntuj pab rau ib tsoom Leej Choj (Year for Priests)

Cov phooj ywg sawv daws, Tsaib no, kuv twb tuaj hais me ntsis txog qhov no lawm tiam sis cas kuv mus nrhiav tsis tau, xyov yog nyob rau qhov twg lawm. Ces kuv rov tuaj piav me me txog. Tsaib no, kuv tau hais me ntsis txog tias Vaj Qhia Benedict


Beelzebub was worshipped as a deity in Philistine city of Ekron. Ba‘al Zebûb might mean 'Lord of Zebûb', referring to an unknown place called Zebûb, or 'Lord of things that fly' (zebûb being a Hebrew collective noun for 'fly', thus the common lay


"Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus" or the JESUIT PRIESTS Originally circulated in Manuscript until 1612 when it was published in Cracow, Poland. Taken From the Edition Published in 1882 in San

Egyptian weddings

Em Hotep. Can someone please describe me how it was celebrated the egyptian "wedding" ceremonies? All the details that you know. I'm really curious about this.

Sexual Abuse Files of 42 Catholic Priests Will Be Released Tomorrow; ‘Prepare To Be Shocked,’ Archbishop Says

Sexual Abuse Files of 42 Catholic Priests Will Be Released Tomorrow; ‘Prepare To Be Shocked,’ Archbishop Says June 30, 2013 By Terry Firma 101 Comments Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. (Central Time), a new chapter opens in the long, sordid tale of Catholic clergy

Pope: "No need to believe in God to go to Heaven"

Amazing news from the leader of 2 billion catholics. WOW! In comments likely to enhance his progressive

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