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Prickly-Critterz is a forum dedicated to the care and health of African Hedgehogs in the uk.

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Cucumbers -- when are they ready?

I'm growing the Slicemaster hybrid type. The plant stake read "8 inches at maturity." Well, mine are almost there. I'll bet my biggest one is 6". But my cucumber has prickly little projections on it. You would have to handle it with

prickly pear wont flower

Hi All, I have a large prickly pear in my backyard planted in soil that's at least six years old. It is tall at least a metre and a half taller than me,but i have never seen it flower or fruit,is there a way to promote flowering i have read gettin


Hi, My name is sam, I recently bought George he is a white bull terrier with a black/brindle eyepatch will be 10 weeks this friday and he is a real handfull, he is getting better though. I tried to post pics but got a bit confused Im looking forward

Spring is in my garden!

I took a leap of faith and started a little early this year. All of my tomatoes are living outside now and 9 of them are planted in their buckets (with 3 to go). Oregano and rosemary are potted up outside. Last year's strawberry plants (in a cement mixin

Prickly, curvy cucumbers??

This is the first year I planted what I think were Burpless cucumbers. They've grown well, but they are VERY prickly (I can't pick them without gloves) and they are quite curved (they look somewhere between a parenthesis and a "C"). I picked

[No title]

BindiAndScrubbie wrote:Vicious (sorry your name isn't in your signature) I would love to see pics of this. Actually would love to see your cactus because my neighbor has a cactus plants. Look like prickly pear but I can't tell. She doesn't know either, i

Prickly pear cactus wanted

I really want a prickly pear cactus clipping! If u have one u could give to me, that would be great! I have pincushion seeds I can trade and I have amaryllis seeds to trade

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