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Fishing Mauritius Forum

Fishing in Mauritius, popping & jigging, deep sea fishing, surfcasting, flyfishing.

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The VSN Forums

The forum for members or previous members of the VSN program. Site created by Aidan Herbolich. Go that guy.

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Free forum : TITAL: Together If They All Lived

TITAL, a haven of RPs. Started as the base of two Kingdom Hearts RPs. Now, flourishing with many members and small RPs that support the two that started it all.

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Popping AIS removal

So I decided to pull some smog and noise abatement gubbins off the bike this weekend. The AIS is a good place to start. I thought I'd see what difference it would make before I ripped it all off and simply disconnected the plug and took it for a quick

Engine still popping...

I got the engine back together, 16 new lifter's and re broke everything in, everything is moving and looks good, engine holds 60psi oil pressure cold and 35-40 warm. Still had a slight popping, changed plugs and wires, it got better but still has a slight

Unsold "leftovers" from previous years?

Since I've been reading up on these bikes so much over the past month or so, I've seen a decent amount of people talking about finding unsold "leftovers" at dealers. Previous year(s) model bikes that they're trying to get rid of to make room for new

Wr250x popping on decel after mods bad?

hey guys i recently installed did some mods to my 09 wr250x and it pops a little on deceleration, I am just wondering if its something that I should be worried about... I recently installed a fmf powercore4, fmf efi programmer(and tuned it accordingly)

Popping up deadbaits?

Hi all, Does anyone pop up their deadbaits other than over weed or do you just lay them on the deck? What would be the best situations/advantages to pop them up, would it be just over weed or is it a personal choice? Thanks in advance for any

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