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Victim of Predatory Towing practices

So last Saturday I go to a local bar here in the capitol city to see my friend's band play. When I get there the lot is overflowing and the street was full, so I grabbed the first open spot I could find at the lot of the business next door (which was

Extinct Predator deathmatch

Ambulocetus Ancient predatory whale dubbed the Mammalian Croc. Tale of the tape Length ; 10 feet. Weight ; 1000 pounds. Diet ; Large herbivores Hunting Style ; Ambush predatory tactics convergent with that of a Saltwater Crocodile. Range ;

Fox: Guide To Modern Pike Fishing Book

hi just wanted to no if anybody has this book,if so what do you think to it has ive heard mixed reports please? or if you can tell me which book is the best to buy please/or do you have a pike book you could sell me thanks.

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