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Rolled up blinds...different heights...?

Where can I find some window blinds that look like they are different heights? I've seen them but can't remember where. They look like they have been rolled up but different heights...if this makes any sense.

Kingdom hearts: The darkness blinds us (Not open, accepting)

~"becoming 16 isn't every day, especially when you plan to go somewhere your parents screamed at you not to, well not really scream its more of a high pitched murmur...ANYWHO, my name is Xemmy, today's my birthda-...." As xemmy exited the boat onto the

Nengi65 Roman Blinds Recolour Set #3

Recolours of Nengi65's Roman Blinds Set # 3 You can find the mesh here. Alma has a collection Of Nengi's Sims 2 files on Box. Thanks Alma!

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