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Condom Candy, Lesbian Rape, and Ethical Chocolate: How the Left likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day

School mistress jailed for lesbian affair with teen pupil

School mistress jailed for lesbian affair with teen pupilArticle from the London Evening StandardPaul Cheston, Courts CorrespondentA UK public school music teacher nickanmed Jazz Lady wept today as she was jailed for 15 months for having a

Female NHS manager jailed for sexual assault on woman colleague

Female NHS manager jailed for sexual assault on woman colleagueA senior NHS manager has been jailed for subjecting a female colleague to a violent and humiliating sexual assault while the two women shared a hotel room.23 Feb 2010Teresa

My Lesbian GF

Was chatting with a friend 'M' and ended up telling her an old story. Don't have time or mood to rewrite it in proper prose. So, just read the chat transcript below:12:27 AM me: We were a live-in couple...and one day, I came home from work and found

Lesbian couple TTC

We're a lesbian couple about to undergo our first AI.. just waiting for my very irregular period to go for my HSG scan and blood tests.

Why do men get turned on by lesbians?

OK, I noticed some guys always try to hit on lesbians. WTF, they know they have no chance, so why even try? Some of the guys at my school are always hitting on lesbians. What's their issue? I really don't get why men do this.can anyone explain to me

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