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Ashdoc's movie review---Dedh Ishqiya

Dedh Ishqiya seems to be a muslim social---almost....Dialogues in some parts of the movie are in chaste urdu that recalls the bygone era of nawabs and begums....And interspersed in between dialogues are urdu shayaries delectably chosen by born

Twin 5 Yr Olds At Centre Of Custody Battle With Freaky Lesbian Family

3rd May 2014Utterly bizarre.Please discuss.Twin five-year-old girls who effectively have three mothers are at the centre of a fierce custody battle between the two lesbians who brought them into the world. The children live with their

Lesbian couple TTC

We're a lesbian couple about to undergo our first AI.. just waiting for my very irregular period to go for my HSG scan and blood tests.

Jayalalitha must condemn SC decision on gays / lesbians

..being a lesbian herself. She should come out in the open and fight for gay / lesbian rights ..She can win the confidence of the liberal and GLBT folks. gain her a national constituency for her political ambitions.

My Lesbian GF

Was chatting with a friend 'M' and ended up telling her an old story. Don't have time or mood to rewrite it in proper prose. So, just read the chat transcript below:12:27 AM me: We were a live-in couple...and one day, I came home from work and found

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