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The art of writing is shared by thousands around the world. Here, you can add your own peice to history of life.

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'big bad slam poet' released

My nephew, who was a widely known hip hop, rap and slam poet in the Orlando, Florida area, died last year. Now, I'm happy to announce that my brother Barry who lives in Orlando has compiled a book of Dave Campbell's (STRAT's) poetry, now available on Lulu

Kabir, the Mystic Poet

Kabir was born in India in 1398 AD...almost six hundred years ago. He lived for 120 years and died in 1518. He was the forerunners to the Bhakti Movement in India where people believed that God is just one, with no form and there is just one way to unite

Poet's license

Hi Writing a historical novel is a form of poetry (isn't it?). Should one not use modern phrases. e.g. "not the sort of person you would like to come up against in a dark alleyway at night." I suppose that's a cliche and we should use too man

Tomoe Marguerite's Infantilism

Tomoe provided by InSaneWeTrust. Drawn by Carotte After seeing ^ this fanart at Mai-Multiverse fanclub, I couldn't resist bringing up this topic. Tomoe is an infantilist of epic proportions it seems and wants to get Shizuru Viola into it. Case and


Claude Lévi-Strauss by Patrick Wilcken - review The lure of the groundbreaking French anthropologist is irresistible Nicholas Lezard, Tuesday 22 November 2011 09.00 GMT Always unconventional: Lévi-Strauss in Amazonia circa 1936.

Poet's, well, Poetry!

I was just digging through some old files and found this poem I wrote about 6 months ago. Thought I would share so you guys can finally read one of my poems. I wrote this remembering fun summertimes with my cousin when we were younger. Under

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