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Xaevos; Furry RolePlaying

Furry Role playing forum of Dimitri Exeno. Anyone is welcome to join and show us your characters. =3 PG-13 please.

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Facing Reality-Rose and Dimitri Fic (Vampire Academy)

It has been two years since Lissa and I graduated from college. I was her guardian and Dimitri was Christian’s. The four of us were happy as ever. Lissa and Christian lived together inside the Queen’s palace and Dimitri and I lived in the North Tower of

Goodbye... (Dimitri's Funeral: Open)

There was a small wooden podium placed next to the dug up hole. It was about 6, possibly 7 feet deep, a nice resting place for such a kind, peaceful soul. The black coffin laid several inches away from the hole, still yet to be buried. The casket was open

Ivanov, Dimitri

DIMITRI IVANOV GRYFFINDOR STUDENT Age Gender Blood Status 17 Male Half-Blood Magic: Abilities: None Wand: Dimitri's wand is 14" in length and is made out of a dark, chestnut wood and is very good for transfiguration and

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