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T206 plank: trim or not? what do u guys think...

this card was sold originally back in late 2005 (can't believe it's been that long). shortly after we were surprised psa graded it as a 3 and sold for a little less than 30k on's back on the block now in goodwin. here's the original auction

F/s: e104 plank sgc 20...SOLD

affordable famous plank pose...the e104s is prolly related to the d359s/t208s somehow.

For sale/trade: e90-1 plank trimmed--$155

found upgrade, selling for same price i got it for. card looks EX otherwise check/mo only shipped thanks.

1915 Cracker Jacks Eddie Plank

gets a 2 because of a tiny bit of paper loss on the back. $800 shipped. Price is firm. I will consider t205s in trade. Especially need Matty and Johnson. Jay

PSA 8 Polo Grounds Eddie Plank - $350.

Includes insured shipping. Price only for board members. I accept PayPal, MO's and checks. Below is a scan. Also, a link to a PSA 8 Polo Grounds Plank on eBay for a much higher

Ed Plank card that you probably have never seen before

Even kinda looks like him! Maybe there is something to that reincarnation thing after all

T206 plank PSA Authentic---24.7k ok so this card brings that whole argument of awesome AUT card with eye-appeal vs crappy 1s that's unaltered and which you prefer...imo that's a pretty hefty price to pay for an AUT card. i don't think the buyer is looking t

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