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Mugen Generations

Comunidad de Mugen Latino donde podrás encontrar noticias, información, tutoriales (Pixelart y Programación) ayuda, y lo que desees.

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Art Tutorials

As I have much experience in spriting, people recently ask me to make and post tutorials regarding different aspects of artwork. I think this can be a good thread for such requests and tutorials...that can also be revisited later with added related

Minecraft - Pixel Art

Aquí podrán mostrar sus obras de arte los que hagan "Pixel Art" en el Minecraft... Acá dejo mis creaciones hasta la fecha: SONIC Spoiler:  SUPER MARIO BROS - 8 BITS CLASSIC Spoiler:  THE KID - THE I WANNA BE THE

Homestuck Pixelart.

So, I tried to make some of the homestuck trolls. I know most of you don't know who/what they are, but here's some pixelart for all those who

Half Life Pixel art

some pixel art I did in single player thinking of building on the server

Birdybirdkirby's application

Hey hey hey, Birdy here, I’m a friend of LosAlDrummer, rhettbutler13, and my ‘homey’ dlwilson94. (Asjklf’d I don’t even know how to spell homey, forgive me ;n;) I’m a college freshman, I like to draw random things, play cymbals, and read Homestuck.

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