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We are an Urban Terror, Pistols & Spas Clan. Stars of Nations was made for players from all countries around the world.

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Sallu mallu dhaid shit

keep your (&(*&(*& advice to yourself who the hellare you to tell others anything asshole??i did a huge favor to you due to your distraught motherdon't pick up with me sicko i'll shoo you;and when i asked you to get rid of jamil

Sex Pistols - Nevermind the Bollocks 30th anniversary LP

The Sex Pistols-Nevermind the Bollocks 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Heavyweight with 7" and poster . Their definitive album that defined the Punk era.Highly sought after bycollectors and audiophiles alike.Brand New unused. Price $155*Note

Brace of Pistols

Does a brace of pistols count as two- one handed weapons?

Sex Pistols

Footage from the the June 4, 1976 gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall (almost exactly 10 years after Bob's incendiary appearance at it's big brother's place). This was the gig that launched punk in the North, and led to the Buzzcocks, Joy Division and

Hijda mallu daana dallu...hahaha

prostitute askari bai ka beta paki shithole jamil dhaiditna darta hai itna darta hai itna darta hai mujse folkske hug leta hai pants mein apne moot leta hai hehehe;saamne aajay na jis din soovar ki aulad thappadonse mooh soja doon bh(*U&U

Ghaffar see that hijda mallu

did nose bleeding amal again; and he's doingneck, shoulders and back pain amal daily;can beat him up ghaffar?? can yo kill him for me??i want him dead; plz do something pal;

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