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The Personality Place

A place to discuss the personality types of professional singers.

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The Caddy Shack

This site is an alternative to the other mundane golf forums. We've got a personality here. We talk everything golf and occasionally things that have nothing to do with golf. This site is not for t

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Character Personality

Sorry if this isn't a manga bit, but the question is referring to it somewhat...if it's not classified as that, an Admin is free to move this topic to its proper place Of all the characters in the Manga/Anime series (Naruto, DBZ, Bleach, etc) who do yo

Are Panaques and BN diets mostly the same?

I have a ABN and a young panaque L090 in a tank by themselves because both tend to be overeaters. I am wondering if their dietary needs are almost identical from what I've been reading? Or do Panaques need a few more meaty food more frequently?

The Four Sided Personality Test

Your Four Sided Personality is ADWG Side 1 of your personality is assured. You carry yourself with confidence and demand attention. Side 2 of your personality is devious. You are calculating and enjoy being a little wily. Side 3 of your

What's your personality type?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a fascinating tool for identifying personality types. I got my boyfriend to take it too, and the articles that have been written about our type compatibility have described in pretty precise terms the recurring conflicts

Piper the Multiple Personality Disorder Infected Gardevoir [DEAD]

Piper [Azrael, Bec, Cornelius(Kernel)] Text Color- #F95587 Time of Infection 1 year after the virus began to become known and widespread Item- Two Razor Leaves, embedded in head Gender- Female (Azrael and Kernel are 'male') Age- Adult (lat

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