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Bear percussion drum head....PETE

I finally wore a hole through the Bear Percussion snare drum head that I bought off of Pete around 10 years ago....LOL

Jah Yabbys, I'n'I Oneness, & Imzogera (Live Percussion) - Irie Vibes, 18th July 2007

yabbys playing some of their own dubs, backed by 'imzogera' on the percussion... i'n'i oneness on the mic, irie vibes festival!!! ruff and tuff session.. special request for vegan! got some tuff 90's yabbys dances in manchester, will get

Johnathan Moffet - Live Drummer New 'This Is It' MJ DVD

On DTS5.1 DVD and DTS 5.1 BluRay. Johathan Moffot played with the Jacksons in 1984 then he did not read music. His Drums are on a Great 12" Remix of Body - Jacksons '84 Re-Mixed by Dennis MacKay (who worked well with Billy Cobham) On

Midwest Percussion OUT OF BUSINESS ??

I am not sure if they are still in business, they had a mail order catalog and sold online, but now they are gone off the internet, not a good sign. Anybody know anything about them? Are they still in business? They still have a Facebook

RIP Sa Davis

Berklee percussion faculty department member and transcendant performer SA DAVIS has died. His live work with Billy Cobham and many others such as Grover Washington and George Benson will be missed RIP Sa........


If you had your way, and had 10 places to fill with percussionists whom you feel would be creative together whom would you choose and why? 1. Drum Set: 2. Drum Set: 3. Malletts 4. Malletts 5. Keyboards 6. Latin Percussion 7. World Percussion 8.

Max Roach: Percussion Bitter Sweet

Recently took this cd out from the library and, MAN, it is unreal good: Released the year and month of my birth, August 1961, it could have been recorded yesterday. What's more, Max

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