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How to recognize flex object in perl

Hi Every one , while recording the flex objects are not getting recorded

Selenium -perl ( How to create data driven )

Hi Every one , Could any one tell me how to create data driven in perl , I want to get data from excel file Thanks /rakesh

How to implement filebased filtering screens in perl?

I am having to recode my etl for performance reasons and am trying to figure out how to reimplement some features that were easy when it was database staged vs file staged. The original steps involved querying the source and loading it into a staging tabl


Hi, I would like a selenium RC script for the locator for the box in the webscript below and also a subsequent command to type a numerical value into the form. I tried various options, but do not seem to work. The options I tried are given below. I

Using Selenium RC with Perl on EclipseIDE, How to generate Report?

Hi, In my Automation framework i've used SeleniumRC, Strawbery Perl and Eclipse IDE. Now everything is working fine. But I'm unable to generate Report in a proper way . Really, I've no idea. You guys please let me know in which way I can generate

Selenium IDE Get Table Row Count --Perl

Hi, I am using Selenium IDE to write few test scripts, Now I am stuck with one problem, I am trying to get the table row count on a page, this table is a dynamic table which gets updated every time so before I fetch data from there I should know how

Hand coding ETL questions

I know the numerous pros of using an ETL tool, but due to circumstances outside my control I have to hand code the ETL. My questions are in regards to actual coding practices. I am currently loading a couple of dimensions using perl. So far the entire loa

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