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Marine Halibut Pellets Pre-Drilled 8mm

thought about buying thee's "Marine Halibut Pellets Pre-Drilled 8mm" of flee bay. would thay do for brown trout. and how would you mount them on a hook .

Wood pellets

I have a new wood pellet smoker coming and was wondering where I will be able to replenish my pellet supply here. Does anyone know a location here or in Guad?


Been on the Darkside for awhile now and love it. I've put about 1,500 on my CT and have lead weight for balance. My ?'s are, I have no idea how much goop the tire dude used or didn't use. Has it been long enough to assume that anything inside has dried up

Protein pellets

I was wondering who uses protein pellets during the antler growing season? I have thought about do this and was wondering if anyone had any tips for this. How much do you feed and how often. What kinds do you use and what wouldn't you recomend. Do you

‘The Method’

‘The Method’ what is it? A way to present the hook bait next to a tight area of feed without being too complicated. I.e. PVA bags good when it’s raining as none of that wet hands and running out to cast method. A lot of people think it’s a

Quiver Tipping on the Trent

Been doing a bit of ledgering on the Trent, as I used to do 15 or so years back. I have tried the popular Halibut Pellets, just fished on the hook minus a feeder or anything.. I have never been one for chucking loads of feed & groundbaits in. I will

Barbel fishing

hi lads new thread to leave hints/tips, bait and tactics for catching barbel

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