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Peggy #97 Retexture - For Men & Women

This is my FAVOURITE Peggy mesh right now. I just love the way it looks on my favourite Sim, the red-head. Also, this is my new texture When someone uses Pooklet's textures, they say it's Pooklet'd. Do you think that one day, maybe, people will say

Peggy #77 Retexture

Peggy #763 Retexture + 2 Requests, Peggy #80 & Peggy #262

Previews look very shiny but if you use the Default EA colours they have a lot less shine and just look fab Peggy #763 I'm going to convert this to male and see how it looks XD I'll post in comments when I

Peggy #608 Retexture

Also, get the two Sims here: You do such good work, Smirks Also, don't worry about it being too shiny. I just used really light highlights

New peggy donation hair

Today is the last day of my sub from her so i thought i would share this...its not like she can cancel me or anything...I only did it cuz i borked my game a month ago and had to download her hairs and it was

Peggy #860 Retexture

Just a little retexture to keep you guys company whilst I finalise my Feb Exclusive

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