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Trout's Notes on San Pedro - Now available as FULL COLOUR PDF!!!!

Keeper Trout has just release a FULL COLOUR version of his amazing book via his website in PDF format. For enthusiasts of the Trichocereus genus, (which is now lumped with Echinopsis), this book is second to none. Having it now available in colour is

Help to graft crested peyote to san pedro

Hi everyone,I was given a bunch of little Peyote's the other day and I believe one of them may be cresting. I'm interested in grafting it to an old Pedro I have. Do I need to trim the sides of the Pedro to make a pyramid or can I just bung it straight

San Pedro Rescue

I have had these 2 san pedros for about 2 years. They have not been well looked after.I was planning re-pot them into larger pots, also to cut the skinny sections off and to repot them.About 2 weeks ago the one in the first picture stared gettin

Don Pedro Hotel

I will add my review and pictures to Wirral’s. Firstly, what a setting, wow!! For the first time I’m not really checking out the hotel on arrival. The location is breathtaking. The sea is calm and the temperature is hot, hot, hot. We go to reception whic

San Pedro logs. Perth verge collection

Just saw some Pedro on verge collection round the corner from me if anyone from perth is interested... No tips and slightly butchered. First time I've seen green waste pick up.

Relocating a large San Pedro and cutting the tap root.

Hi there I'm new to this forum and it looks like the place to get some serious help!I have a friend who is moving house and is going to leave his 4m tall San Pedro cactus behind.I am allowed to take this giant cactus to my house but I'm hesitant a

Don Pedro Hotel Blog

Cala San Vicente near Pollensa/Puerto Pollensa.So remote it would be off the tourist map if it wasn't for the AI Hotel Don Pedro.But the resort isn't devoted to that hotel.The best beach IMO is Molins which is in a dramatic setting with towering cliffs.Bu

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