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Leah's Tale

Leah's Tale by Eridani Games Available at: Amaranth The world of Estis awaits you... In a quiet little village there's a party planned and one young girl has a big birthday treat in store for her. With her family and friends about her

Pawsome Pony now Available!

Head over to your local BABW store or to stuff your very own Pawsome Pony, the first furry friend to come with an exclusive move as it's PSI!

Shout out to pawsome store employees!!

I would like to give a shout out to the pawsome store employees at my local buildabear store! I went to BABW store yesterday to purchase the orange helllo kitty. When I returned home, I got a phone call from my mother saying someone called about my

Pawsome Painting.

Location: Coffee Shop Type: Single Player Choose a Background Choose your color on the color wheel and paint your picture! Note:This game does not give bearbills, but it allows you to print the picture when you are done so you can

Olympic Gift From Pawsome Panda!

Is everyone ready for the Olympics to start today? Bearville is celebearating the event with Pawsome Panda! Head over to the Sportsplex today and pick up your Olympic dumbell.


1st Half Spoiler:

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