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International Luxemburgist Forum - Foro Luxemburguista Internacional

International luxemburgist forum for those in general agreement with the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg. Foro Luxemburguista Internacional para todos los que tienen un acuerdo general con las ideas de Rosa Luxemburgo. Forum Luxembourgiste International po

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Creamy Chicken and Bacon Pasta

Creamy Chicken and Bacon PastaFried chicken and bacon make this quick pasta meal a firm favourite with children. Serves 4Preparation Time: 10 minsCooking Time: 15 minsIngredients• 1 box Knorr Chicken Mate Creamy Mushroom • 200 g bacon, slice

Noodle Salad

Hi LadiesI need ideas on noodle salad.I'm tired of the normal old fashion noodle salad with cheese, tomoto, green pepper and sweet corn in.Do any of you have any other idea's of a nice noodle salad?

Which pasta?

I'm making homemade meatballs and chorizo in tomato sauce.. do you think it would go best with spagetti or spirally pasta?

Saujani from Karimnagar -new voice, excellent find

Chandra Bose said she sounds as good as Shreya Ghoshal, and SPB agrees saying she has that "merupu" in her voice. He said he got goosebumps hearing such an extremely rare voice that sounds like strumming of strings with perfect Telugu

Pussy "Pasta-Loving-Dolt"

You here music in the air. Flames explode simultaneously as a red carpet unrolls towards the ring. Out from the curtain, is an unknown chick riding in a Lancer Evolution, modified to have without a roof. The crowd goes wild, screaming and whistling! As th


I've been revisiting making pasta by hand a lot lately. My better half keeps buying dozens of eggs, thinking we need them. So, I knead them. I've had an old Italian-made pasta wringer with cutters for a while, and haven't touched the thing in years

Resepte op email

Ek het lekker Pasta resepte en ook Jagters resepte boek (daar is ook ander resepte in)

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