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PASS1000 Exam Training Materials

Pass1000 provide Killtest exam topics of Exam Training Materials.

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Too Cool Clan

only the cool and bold are allowed here

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Bold Moves Mustang Club, BMMC, Mustang Clubs, Tulsa Mustang Clubs

Mustang Club in Tulsa Oklahoma, Oklahoma Mustang Club, Midwest Mustang Club,

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Everything turning bold?

So...this is an issue that just came up today. I was making ranks for a few of my users that were bolded, colored, italicized, etc. So all was well, until I started browsing the forum and realized that after a couple of posts on some pages, everything

Best way to make something bold

I just had a quick question, when I want to make something bold, which tags should I use...<strong>, <b>, or <span style="font-weight:bold>? I just heard that it was preferred to not use <b>

How to select a text in iFrame and bold it?

Hi, I have an iFrame box and I am able to type some value using typekeys function in Selenium IDE. Now I want to select the text that I have added and make it bold. Bold option is there in a tool box in the iFrame. Example as below. Type Hello wold

How to remove bold text from legend

Well i want to remove bold text from legend and usernames is that possible so i mean when someone is added to specific group to have a standard username not a bold one.

Bold usernames

I wonder how to make moderators and admins usernames look like regular members at 'who is online'? I managed to remove colored usernames, but they remained bolded. I have added this code to 'pictures&colors/colors/CSS stylesheet: .colormod {

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