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Krazy Kats

A friendly informal forum for discussion about LIFE: Anything from birth to death - and beyond!

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Development of Parapsychology in Germany Interesting review of a book on the development of parapsychology in Germany

Edinburgh College of Parapsychology New beginnings

Hello folks a bit of news the complete council and office bearers have walked out of the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology after a stormy EGM and have been replaced by a brand new steerage committee to run the College until a AGM can take place and a

So confused need God's direction and word for how to proceed

Thank you Mbstudent and Christa for your prayers concerning my situation. I will re-iterate my situation. I am in the middle of proceeding with divorce and a custody situation which is isn't amicable. I have had attacks happen to me in regards to the

Haters are confused Admirers

Paulo Coelho said many times that haters are simply confused admirers. Having experienced himself the reality that plagues many peoples hearts, where his admirers easily turn against him and express hate for the most insignificant situations, like being

Edinburgh College of Parapsychology update

Hello folks for those of you who are members and patrons of the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology you will be aware of the recent events at the college. The college now has Roberta Gordon as principle and a new vitalized committee. The secretary and

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