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Korean Drama Forum

Discussing All Things Korean Drama Related

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Asian Clan: Forum about China, Japan and South Korea

Do you like anime/manga? Do you love Kpop/Jpop/Cpop? Do you salivate at the thought of dumplings, onigiri, mitarashi daaaango? Asian Clan is a forum which covers about everything well. . . Asian.

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all about kop

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KPOP Roleplays

Roleplay as your favorite kpop members, or even make OCs.

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. Candy store is ultimate hang-out spot for J-pop

Candy store is ultimate hang-out spot for J-pop & K-pop fans!

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The Official Forum For New Zealand Kpop Fans

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We love Japan and Korea


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KPOP Bands

KPOP Bands' Official Forum

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1kpOPH is the main Philippines Kpop English based Fan site for the filipinos who love kpop (korean pop).

1kpoph, main, philippines, #kpop, english, based, site, filipinos, love, (korean, pop)


A gms-like custom v111 server! "Affxtion" is a fangroup name for the kpop group F(x). I do not own the name nor any association with the Kpop group/Nexon. Thank you for coming by! Join now for the best game experience (:

affxctionstory, gms-like, custom, v111, server!, "affxtion", fangroup, name, #kpop, group, f(x), association, with, group/nexon, thank, coming, join

Korean Foreign Legion Airsoft Team

The KFL is a team of Ex-pats and Koreans who play Airsoft and Mil-sim games in Seoul, South Korea.

#korea, foreign, legion, expats, airsoft, foreigners, play, mil-sim, team, games, seoul

Free North Korea

Welcome to the forum of the eNorth Korean resistance. We strive to make eNorth Korea a country forged by solidarity – a home for all.

free, north, #korea, welcome, enorth, korean, resistance, strive, make, country, forged, solidarity, home

Créer un forum : korea stars

créer un forum : a forum to talk about korea stars

créer, #korea, stars, talk, about

Pravasi Bharatiya ( NRI ) Discussion Forum

Forum free : This is a forum to discuss everything about Korea, Life in Korea. This forum is for Indians who want to dioscuss about Korea.

forum, free, pravasi, bharatiya, discussion

The Stalker's Melody

kpop entertainment. The Stalker's Melody. kpop. The Stalker's Melody

#kpop, stalker's, melody

Free forum : JayWalkers

Free forum : This site is for updates on Jay Park and on his upcoming movie Hype Nation. We also will update on Kpop artist/s, and Dance Crews ^TT^

free, jaywalkers, park, effect, stirfrytv, kanauru, #kpop, updates, upcoming, movie, hype, nation, also, will, update, artist/s, dance, crews, ^tt^


Kpop-Jpop-Vpop-Nhạc-Âu MĩSimple is the best!

simplemusic, kpop-jpop-vpop, simple, best!, music

Free forum : PyongyangTrafficGirls

Free forum : A site dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK

free, forum, dprk, north, #korea, pyongyang, traffic, girls, cops, ladies, police, warden, women


Keeping the AMBE family close as we produce our kpop collabs.^^~

ambentertainment, keeping, ambe, family, close, produce, #kpop, collabs

Forum Komuniti Teratak | Teratak Dunia Cyber|

Disini lah tempat kita• Bersembang• Bertukar-tukar pendapat

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Asian Entertainment News, Celebrities, Gossip, Rumors

Read latest Asian Entertainment News on hottest celebrities, gossips, rumors, dramas, movies in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and more!

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Virtual Idol World

The only place where you can meet KPOP fans with big imagination.

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