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Korean Drama Forum

Discussing All Things Korean Drama Related

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Free forum :a Love For Kpop

Free forum : Welcome to the home of kpop lovers. Hope you enjoy yourself. Got a love for kpop?. well what are you waiting for ?Join us here at alove4Kpop anddd. SHARE US YOUR PASSION FOR KPOP!:]

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KPop in Monash

Join the Hallyu Wave and come celebrate all things Kpop (music, dance, dramas, food and more! ). You don't have to be Korean, speak Korean or know anything Korean!

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Free forum : All fan Kpop

Free forum : this is an all fan kpop no bashing allow!!!!!

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We love Japan and Korea


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I.Love.Music Entertainment

We aren‘t just singers, we are a family of singers, D, entertainment, aren‘t, just, singers, family, collab, #kpop, cpop, jpop, asian, asia, #korea, japan, china

The Stalker's Melody

kpop entertainment. The Stalker's Melody. kpop. The Stalker's Melody

#kpop, stalker's, melody

Free forum : JayWalkers

Free forum : This site is for updates on Jay Park and on his upcoming movie Hype Nation. We also will update on Kpop artist/s, and Dance Crews ^TT^

free, jaywalkers, park, effect, stirfrytv, kanauru, #kpop, updates, upcoming, movie, hype, nation, also, will, update, artist/s, dance, crews, ^tt^

Free forum : PyongyangTrafficGirls

Free forum : A site dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK

free, forum, dprk, north, #korea, pyongyang, traffic, girls, cops, ladies, police, warden, women


Kpop-Jpop-Vpop-Nhạc-Âu MĩSimple is the best!

simplemusic, kpop-jpop-vpop, simple, best!, music


Keeping the AMBE family close as we produce our kpop collabs.^^~

ambentertainment, keeping, ambe, family, close, produce, #kpop, collabs

Forum Komuniti Teratak | Teratak Dunia Cyber|

Disini lah tempat kita• Bersembang• Bertukar-tukar pendapat

teratak, dunia, cyber, hiburan, sukan, puisi, sajak, #pantun, lawak, chat, kekeluargaan, kemasyarakatan, keagamaan

O: Group Zero

A forum for all the O members and every Sudanese interested in anime, manga and games. Or just anything exported by Japan and Korea in general.

group, zero, members, every, sudanese, interested, anime, manga, games, just, anything, exported, japan, #korea, general

International Relations KNU

This forum is intended to be the bulletin board of the students of PTE (Hungary, Pécs) and KNU (South Korea).

international, relations, this, forum, intended, bulletin, board, students, (hungary, pécs), (south, korea)

Virtual Idol World

The only place where you can meet KPOP fans with big imagination.

virtual, idol, world, only, place, where, meet, #kpop, fans, with, imagination

Pinoy FM Online Radio

Radyo para sa Pinoy. Pinoy FM Online Radio. Pinoy FM zack Online Radio Pinas Philippines Korea Filipino Radyo

pinoy, zack, online, radio, pinas, philippines, #korea, filipino, radyo

Black Deserts Point

A Fansite for the upcoming game "Black Deserts".No release date is given, but Pearl Abyss (The Developers) look to release the game in Korea in 2013!

black, deserts, point, fansite, upcoming, game, "black, deserts", release, date, given, pearl, abyss, (the, developers), look, #korea, 2013!

T-World ;; International Fanclub for Taiwan Lovers

A Place just like Soompi (For Kpop) except in this forum you can only find, may I say, we will mainly focus on Taiwan Entertainment!

taiwan, cpop, entertainment

Welcome to gunbound-mania

Gunbound-mania forum comes to those who wait and get's you where you're going. Join us Only if you want the best.

free, gunbound, world, champion, #korea, softnyx, gbna, ijji, mania, obsy, gunba, nyxhero, korean, batgirl, verne, player, gaming, singapore, malaysia

Half Beats!

This a forum from the original site: Half Beats Anime Reviews & ETC! ( ber_id=160453), as well as a future magazine!

manga, anime, asian, culture, cosplay, kawaii, jpop, gyaru, roleplay, visual, japan, #korea, awesome, scanlation, group, cute, fashion, music, sitemodel, design, editing

SDGO Taiwan-Korea

The Official English Community for Taiwan SD Gundam Online

free, forum, sdgotaiwan, sdgo, official, english, taiwan, gundam, mmofps, freedom, justice

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