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Video Karma

I saw Bill Cahill's signature line where it mentioned Video Karma. Checked it out and decided it would be of interest, so I registered. I then got this email:Dear N7ZAL,Unfortunately your registration at TV - Video - Vintage

Cleaning a vinyl record with wood glue - video ...

One of my audiophile friends mentioned to me a few days ago about cleaning a dusty record with wood glue and even sent me the link to a YouTube video on how to do it. I haven't tried this yet but I do have a few older records from the 1960's that do seem

Awesome Card? New Fucki*g Ruling?

Err...I was just looking for a good card that need to discard a card from your hand for an awesome effect, coz sometime i have card like dandylion/plague/salvo target etc stuck in my hand....and's what i found Well, the only time i

Chain destruction karma cut combo

heres a nice combo i did recentlymy opponent summoned a monster and i chained with chain destruction after that i played karma cut chain destruction destroyed every monster of the same name as the monster summoned in my opponents deck and karma cut

Karma's a bitch, 4Kids.

Guess what:4Kids has to sell their company!That's right! The greedy bastards that brought us God-awful dubs of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece, CardCaptor Sakura, and Sonic X is losing millions and millions of dollars, so they may have to sell the

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