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Karma Crew

Karma is a gaming community looking to expand past Archeage and into other games, we welcome like minded folks.

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Forum Komuniti Teratak | Teratak Dunia Cyber|

Disini lah tempat kita• Bersembang• Bertukar-tukar pendapat

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Lonely Hearts Club

I'm happy for you buddy

Creative Rakyat Malaysia Bab2 Modified Motor Nie

Jom Layan Gambarnya....yehhh zahhh

Who has the best "OBJECTION!"

Many have used this phrase, Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Kristoph who says it best?Me? I'm a fan of Miles Edgeworth's objection. DISCUSS!

Good Karma

Im now a believer of karma now, the reason why is, because i give a lot of my things away to people you know to try and help them get into gaming and ive noticed over the years that i never get anything in return wellthat changed today, i went to my

Floatilla Psychedellica and The Hands of Karma

The warriors and wyches of the Hands of Karma have formed neither Kabal nor Cult,they have managed to put aside their differences and focus on their similarities,they are all exceptionally good killers.... and women. They gathered from a variety of

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