pantun goodbye

Goodbye Love

Free forum : RL small town site

free, forum, #goodbye, love, small, town, site

Goodbye World Games

Where entertainment turns its back on reality.

#goodbye, world, games, where, entertainment, turns, back, reality

Forum Komuniti Teratak | Teratak Dunia Cyber|

Disini lah tempat kita• Bersembang• Bertukar-tukar pendapat

teratak, dunia, cyber, hiburan, sukan, puisi, sajak, #pantun, lawak, chat, kekeluargaan, kemasyarakatan, keagamaan

Goodbye Big Brother

Ditch big brother. How to remain complete anonymous on the internet.

forum, brother, ditch, remain, completely, anonymous, internet, free, email, facebook, google

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Goodbye (Poem)

I saw you were getting tried and slowing downAnd knew a cure could not be foundI still had hope and continued to prayBut in the end God took you awayWith tear filled eyes and a broken heartI knew it was time for you to departI watched you hear

Not so much a goodbye

Well, I'm going to be getting really busy in about a week. With work and school starting again, my time to myself is getting thin. My mother started a new job, so I have more things to do at the house, (cooking, cleaning, etc.) And I found out last night

I Guess This Is Goodbye

Well, it's been a long year people. I met a lot of you during my time here, and at some point, this site became my life. Unfortunately, because of that, my life sucks now. I have to get away from this place, and try to forget about it so I can move on wit

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