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Goodbye, I'll miss you guys

I'll be leaving for a couple months to see if I can get my health turned around, please don't delete the account I'll be on once every couple days just to say hello. I'll miss you guys and I loved the time I had here with you, live long and prosper my

Reptar/Mr.Alexio's goodbye

I'm leaving this shitty ass place. I leave my team to haseo as captain and lever as co-captain. Tired of the shit, just don't give a fuck anymore, that guy/CWB/joker to put it to a rest, gave up his moderator position because he was tired of rain/gallows

George Clooney knows how to say goodbye afternoon I saw the new George Clooney movie “The Descendants” and I’m a blubbering mess. Mind you it’s not quite as bad as the time I went to see Colin Firth in “A

Your Favorite Song

It occurs to me that most players might have a song running through their heads that they want to play & may be able to solve to whatever extent. My current fantasy (among many) involves playing guitar in Nina Simone's band while she does

Goodbye For Now

Most of you guys don't remember me, don't know me, or plainly didn't care to know me, that's fine But, I recently got some life issues to deal with and will no longer be active on this forum for a few weeks. (Idk if I was even active before, my post count

No good about goodbye: Proof it IS a Bond theme

It has been long discussed if No Good about Goodbye was or wasn't a rejected theme for Quantum of Solace.The song involves David Arnold, James Bond composer (who returned for Quantum of Solace), Don Black, James Bond lyricist, and Shirley Bassey, known

So, so sad to say goodbye... RIP Kevin Ayers

i just found out that one of my all-time favorite artists has passed away.Kevin Ayers died in his sleep on Feb. 18, 2013, at his home in Montolieu, in the South of France.i got a chance to talk with him the one time i saw him perform. it was at a

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