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Time to say goodbye to Social Security cards ?

6/15/2013                    Read an article late last night that several companies have approached                    Social Security to get rid of their old Social Security cards, there are three                    companies bidding, the new card

Its time for me to say goodbye

It seems that I must subsidize all of my internet connection to pay for my internet/data plan on my phone as well as finding a way to find decent wifi. I have been kicked out of the place I was staying at and now I must continue to find work and work unti

Saying Goodbye

This is a story I wrote a while back, but didn't have time to enter into the PC until recently. In this one, Laura and Almanzo stop by their old house--the one Almanzo and Charles built after Manly's stroke--to say goodbye before the town is blown

Goodbye, Mrs. Wilder

Willie is having a bit of fun getting into trouble at school. Laura is trying to teach the class about New York and he just isn’t interested in the subject. She gets upset and sends him to the corner. She returns to teaching the children about the Brookly

George Clooney knows how to say goodbye This afternoon I saw the new George Clooney movie “The Descendants” and I’m a blubbering mess. Mind you it’s not quite as bad as the time I went to see Colin Firth in “A

Goodbye messages

Nicole really can't be that daft. After the messages she claims to love everyone again. As a superfan she should know that the entire house knows jury has started and now the goodbye messages are basically going to say "I love you but vote for

No good about goodbye: Proof it IS a Bond theme

It has been long discussed if No Good about Goodbye was or wasn't a rejected theme for Quantum of Solace. The song involves David Arnold, James Bond composer (who returned for Quantum of Solace), Don Black, James Bond lyricist, and Shirley Bassey, known

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