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Padmini taking help of a gangster SUltan

The big question now in Madhubala EIEJ is whether to trust RK or not. Is he lying or saying the truth this time around. The sequences are the same as before, confession , talking about his past especially abou this late father and his childhood memories.

Prashant, Mazher, Mishal and Rohit to be seen in Sony TV's Encounter

The action packed upcoming show  Encounter (Endemol) is all set to roll from 11 April on Sony Entertainment Television.And after Tellychakkar  reported about the first episode based on urban gangster Manya Surve, here comes more news on another encounter

Evolution Miniatures 1/35th scale Gangster EM-35009

Evolution Miniatures – Gangster in 1/35th Scale Kit # EM-35009 By Shawn W. Gehling This is an outstanding figure of a 1930’s Style US Mobster/Gangster (enforcer or soldier) from any big City (New York, Chicago or wherever you want him to be from). H

Gangster (hindi movie with endlish subtitles)

Hi all!!! I have recently watched one hindi movie.. and after long time i realy liked it!! its not that kind of usual hindi movie? with a lot of tears, slobs and all... i felt its kind of pshycological... and it wasnt a big hit in INdia.. Indians

Why is Wedding Peach so hated for??

I really LOVED this anime series... 2nd to Sailor Moon it was my favorite one to watch! Why has it gotten so much backlash by magical girl anime fans on here for?? I personally loved it so much.

Prem kaa Trikone ... Rishbala-Sulbala .....

ek taraf Sultaan..doosri taraf RK.. aur beech mein Madhubala The dreaded gangster has a loving heart .. but the romantic super hero is heart less and fake draameybaaz .. what fun yaaron ...

AA:A thrilling "Encounter"

The show Encounter, on dreaded real-life underworld dons who were killed in police action, has become immensely popular The show Encounter anchored and narrated by a suave Manoj Bajpai, deals with the underworld of Mumbai and how dreaded gangsters have

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