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† .:Streetz of Los Santos:. †

The Streetz of Los Santos is a San Andreas multiplayer community, created back in the days around 2007, as one of the best gangster RPG's.

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From Gangster to Millionaire CEO

Photos from a chinese gangster's lost phone.

HilariousHe doesn't believe in Shirts. Chinese Sallu Bhai.

Eddie and Adrian Prout - 'The Perfect Murder' was watching the 'crime and investigation' channel featuring 'murders in surburbia', about Adrian Prout, convicted of the murder of his wife, although there was no body, and no forensic crime

DJ Drama is best known for producing mixtapes, including the successful "Gangsta Grillz"

Tyree Cinque Simmons (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an Atlanta, Georgia-based hip hop artist and the official DJ for Grand Hustle/Atlantic recording artist T.I.. Drama is best known for producing mixtapes, including the successful "Gangsta Grillz

Nicki Minaj Tattooed Up Gets Gangster On Set “Senile” Shoot

Nicki Minaj is not your average barbie on set the video shoot for “Senile”The Young Money rapper got tattooed up and transformed into a latina gangster chick complete with Moschino bra and under wear, Chuck Taylors, red bandana, and all gold

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