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Forum gratuit : Free forum : A place for all who are interested in honouring nature and each other through the offering of healing, prayers and thoughtful living.

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Horrible or frightening meditations?

I just wondered if anyone has ever had any horrible or frightening meditations, and whether these experiences have put you off meditating altogether?

Full Chakra Meditation

To amplify the powers of your chakras to their full potential, it is important to meditate upon the chakra at the day and hour when it is at its full power. For example, the sacral chakra is ruled by the planet Mars. Using the reference linked below, you

Lots of different guided meditations for everyone.

I thought I'd share this instead of people looking for them on youtube. ***Chakras*** ***spirit

Meditations of a Buddhist Skeptic

Interesting review from the Institute of Noetic Studies

Dark meditations and spell/rituals

Must one have to do the dark meditations for every spell as well as ritual. Like the summoning of Leviathan, or could anyone say the chant and desire to become Vampyr?


What does everyone believe to be the best form of meditation to progress your development of mediumship? Any thoughts on body position? Hand Positions? Guided or unguided? Biauranl beats? Theta waves? Any other techniques Buddhist tibetan yogic

3 weird meditations

iv been doing some meditations lately just putting my attention on my breathings. 1st meditation my third eye located I started to fe vibrations around that area 2nd meditation I started feeling the vibrations at the back of my head 3rd meditatio

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