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Viper Alarm/ Remote Start Installer?

Ok, so I am new here but I am on naziforums quite a bit. Anyways, my hubby and I just scored a good deal on a Viper Alarm/ Remote Start for like 60 bucks. It is an older model (719xv) but it still works great so I am wondering if anyone on here has the

Voting for installer of the year!

Ok some of you know me some of you dont! Somehow I have been nominated for installer of the year and made the top 100 for the Mobile Electronics installer of the year! I still am in disbelief but voting starts on November 1st till November 30th I a

ME Installer: Tire Warehouse, Raymond Maine

These guys ordered and installed my 205-65-16 GYTT for $160.xx. I installed the Dynabeads (3oz from Whitehorse Press, North Conway, NH) while they were beading the tire. They were REALLY good and worked with me, let me come out back, I watched whil

Mobile Electronics "Top 100" for 2010

Congrats to everyone who was nominated, but gotta give a shout to Jacks Stereo and Mobile Toys for making the list.

Saloon rear lip

heres some info regarding the rear bumpers of a corolla and is200... thanks for all the info and help scott and chris corolla bumper is200 bumper so its near enough perfect... but need someone to try it out first... or if i can find an

HID lights installer - who can do this for me?

Hello. I have a set of two ballasts, low beam lights, resistors, and relay. Who can wire this up for me? Weekend only. What's your cost? Thanks.

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