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Clinical Engineering Forum

Welcome to the home of the Clinical Engineering forum. We are committed to enhance the profession of clinical engineering and its highly elite professionals.

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A Learning & Teaching Paint Shop ProExperience

We teach PSP and learn from each other. A Learning & Teaching PSP Experience

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Free forum : PSP Creations

We are a friendly, new group of PaintShopPro enthusiasts, sharing tags, tutorials, and anything else to do with our favourite graphics creation and editing programme. If you share our love of PSP, whether an experienced psp-er or new to this great p

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PaintShop Pro help here

I know a lot of people use photoshop but paint shop pro is pretty much the same thing and affordable for everyone alhumdullah. I love all the things you can get for psp for free to make your things unique. I will show you what I mean and how to get them

Imaging search for planets at HD 115892, HD 172555

Searching for Gas Giant Planets on Solar System Scales: VLT NACO/APP Observations of the Debris Disk Host Stars HD172555 and HD115892 Using the APP coronagraph of VLT/NACO we searched for planetary mass companions around HD115892 and HD172555 in the

EPICS (Exoplanet Imaging Camera and Spectrograph for the E-ELT) This is probably the first real project, which will detect photographically Earth analogs of the closest stars. Around 2017 year.

SPICES - Direct imaging and characterisation

SPICES: Spectro-Polarimetric Imaging and Characterization of Exoplanetary Systems SPICES (Spectro-Polarimetric Imaging and Characterization of Exoplanetary Systems) is a five-year M-class mission proposed to ESA Cosmic

Direct imaging of exomoons

On the Direct Imaging of Tidally Heated Exomoons Tidally-heated exomoons may be good candidates for direct detection: under the right combination of parameters it could be that the moon outshines its parent planet. It ma

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