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A home for wrestling rp- slash, het, and femslash are welcome here. Any OC must submit a full on profile and receive approval and also they must be related to WRESTLING ONLY.

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Free forum : Bleach Rp

Free forum : The place for decent Bleach rp. All characters are subject to approval, canon characters will be highly regulated.

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Brazilian in Portugal

Have owned Baby Bluebelle for 6 months , and just love her ! had a few little "snaging" issues, but Ian at VW Kampers has just been fab in dealing with them....sending parts out to me in Portugal and trying to explain in simple english how to fi

European Certificate of Conformity?

Hi, I am trying to import a '99 Hijet into Jersey in the Channel Islands. They will not do this without the "e" number which I am told is stamped on the body somewhere?! This number allegedly confirms that the vehicle is built to European

More information about the coming INM changes

Carol Schmidt of (and co-author of my book) has conducted an e-mail interview with the head of the INM office in San Miguel de Allende. Read the interview here.

MG350 for Israel in 2012 - with full European Type Approval

In contrast to the original SAIC cars that have been marketed in Israel until now (only 300 have been imported since the car did not have full approval), the new Chinese sedan will be imported with all the proper authorizations. Full European

Danbury motorcaravans gain ISO 9001 Approval !

Great news guys and girls. Danbury are now not only the biggest VW campervan converter in the UK AND also trading standards approved but have also just been awarded ISO 9001 ( Our internal quality system has been externally approved to ISO 9001:2008 syste

Brent the land Developer

Mr Brent plans for the pavilions will mess up MacKay’s idea for a boulevard from City Centre and Millbay Quote WORK is to start on the Millbay boulevard – a decade after it was first suggested by Barcelona architect David Mackay. The first sectio

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