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Erstin x Nina Appreciation Thread

Note: If you have a favorite Mai-series ship in mind, don't hesitate to make a thread for it. Throughout the first half of the Mai-Otome anime, you may of noticed Erstin Ho's attraction to Nina Wang. It's rather cute how an uke like Ersty admires her

Arika and Nina's love for Sergay. Approve?

Can't believe I'm going to say this, but... ...was this guy worth it? As some of you may know, Midori-sama (my Komu-obsessed gf...)began watching Mai-Otome for the first time. We completed the 4th volume last night, where Arika started to develo

Nina-chan's Locket

So I got interested in her locket Unfortunately, I'm short on details and pictures... You're all free to share hehehe

Arika Yumemiya and Nina Wang as lovers?

do you like them together?

Nina Wáng's weak point!

One of the greatest moment in Mai-Otome deserves it's own thread: Neena-chan's weak point DUBBED :3 I love the way Irina says "sexy!" XD The whole idea of Nina's weak point is delicious and ridiculous at the same time. X3 I love

What would you do with Nina Wang?

I've been staring at my signature wondering about that poor unfortunate kitten with bad hair. She appears to have hurt herself too, the strange looking thing. Then I'm told the cat resembles a character from the Mai-Otome series. This Mai-Multiverse sure

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