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Knackers VX Clubby

This is my 2001 VX ClubSport, build No. 484 (hence the rego), It’s pretty much stock all but the wheels, I plan on leaving it that way, although I would like to do the exhaust and maybe cold air induction. Don’t drive it all that much, only done 130 klm’s

New Torrie on the way maybe

I think it would sell,but i'm a ford man

Fanatec Clubsport Wheel: les tests Nextgen

Lundi, le 21 Mai 2012 Trois colis m'attendent dans l'entrée. Un sourire aux lèvres je les dépose sur la table du salon, impatient d'en découvrir le contenu. Mais lequel ouvrir en premier ? Allez, le plus petit. Il s'agit du

Hz twinthrottle efi conversion little somthing ive been building

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