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An English Forum Dedicated to Show Lo / Lo Chih Hsiang / Show Luo / Luo Zhi Xiang / Xiao Zhu

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China • XIAO LI 11yo / accused: Yang Shihai, father - Guizhou Province

Chinese dad 'sewed up daughter's mouth' Recovery ... brave girl receives hospital treatment China DailyA DISTURBED father subjected his daughter to a shocking campaign of abuse that included starving her and SEWING her mouth shut. Yang Shihai

[2011] Xiao Zhu's new car - Audi R8

i read he did not tell his mom he ordered this car hihihihihihi

xiao zhu or xiao gui?

I'm in doubt... this is Show or Xiao Gui?is because I found this picture on Xiao Xui's Weibo but it doesn't seem himnow this one i'm sure is Xiao Gui, so, the other one is probably Show

Show/Xiao Gui KISSES!

Okay so I'm sure you've all seen these adorable boys kiss more than once. Well here is my collection of all the kisses I have seen. They are just too cute! Please don't be offended. And feel free to add if you have

[2011/06/12 HK Apple Daily] Stephen Chow films Journey to the West, asks Xiao Zhu to act

Stephen Chow and Derek Kwok joined together to direct the film "Xi You Ji Zhi San Cang Fu Mo" but the casting has not been decided, at first it was said they asked Ethan Ruan and Li Zhi Ting and another time it was said they asked someone new, i

2010 jan Rec of YLBFB outdoor with HuDie, TianTian, Xiao Gui & guys (sportive)

have not clue what this is for but i guess one epi of YLBFB (outdoor) so xiao gui is there too all BTS pics

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