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U.S. prosecutors re-indict Devyani on visa fraud charges Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, whose arrest and strip-search last December soured India-U.S. relations, was

OCI and Indian Visa

The US passports of my sons expired. They have OCIs too. The old passports have indian visas. Should we get the indian visa stamped on the new one too? Is it even necessary coz they have the OCI? Tried to google. Didn't find an answer yet. Do you guys

Hindu priests abusing the religious visa program A lot of Hindu

Paging Merlot Daruwala Urgent Visa Question H

Or anyone else knowledgeable about it can answer it for me to please, How does one know that all 60 K quota for 2012 has been exhausted or still available? Is there a website that gives this information for certain? Iif the quota is exhausted I

Sponsoring for a visitor visa for friends

We were asked by my brother to sponsor visitor visas for his very good friends. The friend already has a US visa. We got to sponsor for his wife and son. All we have to do is send the necessary papers/documents. We don't need to spend a penny on them.

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