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Vertical Obsessions

Car and Truck Club in the central Florida location.

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Daily Draggers

for Minitruckers and fullsize truck enthusiast. Daily Draggers

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New Jersey Beach Access

There was a nj beach access meeting held this past Monday in Seaside Heights. I was wondering if any of the members here attended? I am wondering how it went and any specifics that were discussed. I think there are more of these meetings scheduled. I'd

RRD 2009 Obsessions 9M & 12M Kites and bars

Hi, 9m in Black, red, orange & yellow. One pro repair along centre strut otherwise excellent cond. £280 Kite/bag 12m Red, orange, pink & white. Excellent condition. £340 Kite/Bag/pump Two 2009 Global bars./25M lines Very good cond £70 eac


I have a serious obsession with carol vorderman, mainly her bum, i would play with her bum for hours, but the rest of her is tasty as well, if she said to me angry give me two grand and you can play with my bum for the day i'd give it to her, i reckon i'd

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