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New Zealand Pottery

A friendly group of New Zealand Pottery enthusiasts, Crown Lynn, Titian, NZ Studio Pottery, NZ Potters marks and NZ Commercial Pottery.

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A Mashiro Thread

Yeah, her. Kind of.There's something I've been wondering since 2005. Why did Mashiro allow the Festival to happen? Since she's apparently regretful of letting Shiho attack Mai in episode 18, why didn't she just gather everyone together again and go

Shiina Mashiro Wallpapers


What Time does My-HiMe/Z Hime take place?

So... I was wondering.What Time would it take place? They have wonderful technology, and yet Mashiro still lives in an Old fashioned castle.. It's like a few pieces of different times. So, I was wondering if anyone could inform me more about this?

Which version of Mashiro do you like? [Mai-HiME/Otome]

we hav 4 on from hime Mashiro Kazahanaotome one then we got the real Mashiro -manga- then my fav boy Mashiro -manga - out of all of these my fav is boy Mashiro at lest he got some wher1. got to go to a all girl scool 2. find

Aoi Senoh's sacrifice for Queen Mashiro. [Mai-Otome Episode 18]

Aoi Senoh's sacrifice for Queen Mashiro. [Mai-Otome Episode 18]Mai Otome Raw/Dub Comparisons 16: Aoi's sacrifice for Mashiro Scene Ryoko Shintani and Jayna Mitchell as Aoi SenohYukana and Katie Rowan as Mashiro Blan de WindbloomAi

Corrupted Wish [Hime-verse Nagi/Mashiro]

Summary: "My interpretation of how the last Carnival ended, 300 years before "Mai Hime" began."Pairing(s): Nagi/MashiroRating: K+Status: One-shot. Pre-"Mai Hime" drabble.~*~"G-guh!" Nagi's body skid

Arika Yumemiya and Queen Mashiro's yuri relationship

Arika Yumemiya and Queen Mashiro's yuri relationshipWe've heard it all before, Arika and Mashiro's character development throughout the Mai-Otome series. Arika going from zero to hero, achieving her dreams after overcoming

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