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My Little Pony : Griffon Kingdoms

Equestria has been invaded. The sisters have vanished, their warriors defeated, their heroes scattered, and the Griffons have claimed Canterlot and lordship over Equestria.

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Best Pony Roommate (mane Six)

I would Pick Applejack for sure.

Vamponies of Manehattan (Please Pm Me to enter Thank you!)

In Manehattan, in the dark underworld of it all, there are creatures that hunt ponies down, not for fun, not for sport… but for blood, these vamponies think of others, as ether playthings, or as prey to be eaten and to be cast aside, but Most saw ponies a

Mane Mane No Mi

Name: Mane Mane No Mi (Clone Clone Fruit) Type: Paramecia Effect: The Clone Clone Fruit allows it's eater to become a flawless copy of any person that they have touched before. The user's cloths remain the same as they were before he transformed,

Storm Rush

Storm Rush Gender: Stallion Species: Pegasus Mane: Yellow Tail: A little liter blue than his coat with streaks of yellow here and there. Eyes: Red-orange Body: Slightly larger than the average pegasus Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a thunder cloud

Mane 6 interview with Lauren Faust

During Bronytime's 50th episode, which was all about interviewing the Mane6 team (the people behind Fighting is Magic and its sequel,) there was a surprise guest: Lauren Faust! Link's here. So I listened to this earlier, but according to Moodyman it

Wet Mane All of the Ponies

Yes, I fell into THIS part of the fandom :P Post the wet manes here as they come! I shall begin with Screwball Spoiler:

Wild Lion's Mane Technique Learning.

Cepeda comes across a rocky mountain, next to a lake, as he looks around. He smiled, as he came up with an technique to counter Mitsu Doriabu's Garian Sword. Cepeda looked around, as the mountain was the perfect training terrain for this jutsu he planned

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