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afghanistans no. 1 nimbuzz forum forum : welcome to Afghan-buzz. tk get daily nimbuzz tools, such as web flood, nimbuzz tips and tricks, mobile and pc flooders , chat room bot for mobile and pc , crackers and more. . .

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Nowzad Dogs - Chosen Charity

Nowzad Dogs - The Forums Chosen Charity Nowzad Dogs is the chosen charity of wildaboutanimals. It is a charity that well deserves recognition and support. We will not be raising money on site for Nowzad Dogs but their site has donate buttons that you ca

Joy (collie x?) needs a new home, Afghan refugee

Joy is approx 2 years old (could be younger) and we believe could have a bit of Collie in there she was found in a Kabul dump scavenging for food as a puppy, as you are probably aware, many Muslim countries have very little regard for dogs and treat the

FS - Scorpions for sale - GER

Derzeit verfuegbar/currently available: - 1.0 Buthacus arenicola, adult, 20E/pc - 1.1 Grosphus gradidieri, adult, 30E/pc - 1.2 Groshus flavopiceus, adult, females gravid, 30E/pc - 1.0 Hadogenes paucidens, subadult, 20E/pc - X.X Hadogenes

CALM dog water

Has anyone heard of this mineral doggy water infused with flower essences.. at $4 a bottle does anyone actually believe in this stuff? heres the website if you want to look into it further:

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