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Prophesy of Pendor : Aftermath

An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4

#prophesy, #pendor, #aftermath, #detailing, #events, #pop3, #before, #pop4

PsiExtras Forum

A forum dedicated to: Conspiracies, Predictions, Astrology, Extra-Terrestrials, the incoming brown dwarf star Nibiru, Gays and the homosexual lifestyle, Politics, Prophecy, Societal Solutions, Metaphy

#nibiru, #nostradamus, #dwarf, #star, #planet, #magnetosphere, #astrology, #future, #lgbt, #lifestyle, #homosexuality, #love, #politics, #prophecy, #predictions, #nemesis

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Did Nostradamus Predict Casey Would Be Aquitted In 2010?

There is an article that I read over a year ago that claims Nostradamus predicted Casey Anthony would be acquitted in 2010. It often quotes "historian" Bernard Heubner. I didn't think much after reading it, but every so often I see it pop up o

Nostradamus predicted a verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial

Nostradamus predicted a verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial By DEREK CLONTZ Excerpt:Nostradamus predicted a verdict of not guilty in the Casey Anthony murder trial in a four-verse poetic quatrain written almost 500 years ago - in the 16th

More polls predict modi win and congress rout more and more polls show that congress will be rebuffed by Indian electorate. bjp is picking up support in its old strongholds such as up and bihar.

Nigel Nessling Has Written A Book

An Excerpt from: Amaral's Dark Secret by Nigel Nessling @ Madeleine McCann: A Destiny Begun ....Now it has long been a proven fact that the Policia Judiciaria have planted a number of stoolpigeons on most of the hate sites, in order to better misguide

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