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Witchy Women Support forum : WitchySisterHood

WitchySisterHood. com and Pagansuperstars. com is a global community that encourages connection, freedom of expression and prosperity. Kat'z Rodriguez and GlammieWitch, both founder and co-founder

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Pleiadians on Shadow and 2012..channeled message

May you be protected. We all are now under the spell of the Shadow and be aware that the vulcanic activities and other phenomena are related to it. Shadow is using now the intensity of the moment, astrological, astronomical, social, emotional and

COM: Patricia Cori: The Sirian Starseed Tarot & Channeling The Sirians

Materialization photos.

I came across these two pictures during the week. Does anyone know who was the medium responsible for producing the materializations. Two links

Channeling Questions

The circle I'm sitting in on Monday nights is talking about doing channeling, which I have some reservations about, so I'd like some feedback from people who are channeling or sit in groups where it happens. At what level of personal development is it

A User's Guide to Trance and Channeling

Last year Lis gave some very considered and detailed responses to some questions about trance and channeling, which I've edited slightly to present here as a "beginner's reference guide": "At what level of personal development is it


ARCHONS OUR ARCH ENEMY Posted on March 1, 2014 by Ines Radman The Archons were whispered about in many texts, but over the last 1300 years, Christianity and powers that be made sure they cleaned up any records or traces of their existence. In

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