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Forum of Anne Rice fans, socialising, sassyness and general discussion

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Free forum : Nume de DJ. Cum ar fi Dj Black, Dj Bubble. Datzi si voi niste nume.

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Rice Pudding

Hi, I'm new to Halogen Oven cooking and also this site. Got an oven for Christmas and decided yesterday to try making a rice pudding in it. I used a square casserole dish and all was fine except I'd like to warn people not to fill your dish higher than

Ohlsson & Rice Restoration

Well, here's my new project, I must be mad! Ohlsson & Rice 23, Spark Ignition, circa 1947 I have always wanted an old spark ignition engine, and when this one came up for $10.00 on EBay I couldn't resist it! As you will see from the photo,

RICE: How to Cook

Hi finally got round to trying rice(for curry) in my HO. I used 1 part rice to 2 parts water, placed in a glass bowl and put on full heat for 20 mins. Keep stirring every 5 mins or it will bake the rice in places.Turned out just right. Hope this helps

Rice how to cook

Hi has anyone cooked rice in their oven? is so could you give me some tips. Thanks, Michelle

The Free Rice Game

This is a game that's fun and also for a good cause! To play we'll use this site: This site aims to send free rice to the starving people of the world through the UN. They donate twenty grains of rice for every vocab word you

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