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Prophesy of Pendor Dev Forum

Free forum : Forum for the Development Team associated with the Mount&Blade Module "Prophesy of Pendor" V2. 0

#free, #prophesy, #pendor, #forum, #development, #team, #associated, #with, #mount&blade, #module, #"prophesy, #pendor"

DragonLance Chronicles Reborn: Free forum

Neverwinter Nights custom module Dragonlance Role-play adventure perpetual world free forum

#dragonlance, #neverwinter, #nights, #perpetual, #world, #role-playing, #dragonlace, #chronicles, #reborn, #dungeons, #dragons., #nwn1

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Chatbox Module Problem.

On my forum one of the members was telling me yesterday that the chatbox wouldn't autorefresh for them. Today, it was working fine, but then I tried to post something in the chatbox and it won't let me. I'm the admin. When I post something the box goes

[Punbb] Module and Chatbox Problem

Hi I have a Problem. Had Anyone an Ideo, why the Modules are not shown: ? And in the Chatbox Header are this Picture: (its goes into the contet..its not only in the header=

Mocha Pro Tutorial - The Lens Module and Lens Distortion Module by Ross Shain

mocha Pro Tutorial - The Lens Module and Lens Distortion Module by Ross Shain mocha Pro - The Lens Module Tutorial - Part 1 Imagineer Systems product, Martin Brennand presents an introduction the mocha Pro lens module to analyze lens

Html Module widget for Vote!

Hi my friends! I need html code For Module widget Vote in the left side ... Who can help me?

Guests and Who is online module

Is there away of preventing guests seeing the "who is online" module?

Wowhead [item][/item] bbcode module for WoW forums! :D

To implement a bbcode like [item][/item] which links World of Warcraft items/spells etc. The code turns the item text into [Item Name] with corresponding rarity colours and when highlighted more info of the item pops up. There're scripts for that provided

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