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Shadowrun Online

Shadowrun Online is a Shadowrun play by post (PbP) site where running the shadows is a way to survive. Shadowrun 4th Edition RPG.

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Skirmish Shadowrun V.2.0

Shadow Runners unite!

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Forum for QUGS members to use for tabletop RPGs (D&D, Shadowrun, Werewolf, etc.)

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OOC - We Be Gangers

This is the OOC Thread for the game "We Be Gangers"

Custom cyborg/walker drone

So I was making a AI character and I wanted it to have a humanoid walker drone. The only decent ones are the Mitsuhama otomo and akiyama but their availability are both R24 and so unobtainable for a new character. So I figured I'd do a Frankenstein and

Shadowrun 4 Survival Guide is moving to Bata testing.

SR4SG is moving on to it's next step for testing. We are moving to Bata testing where we are starting to add content and tighten up the code that is used. Here is where we could use your help. We are looking for new content to add to the site; new Items,

Star Wars in Shadowrun

Sure, any Mystic Adept can tell themselves they are Jedi and call their 'Stun Bolt' 'Force Lightning', and you could call an Ork an Aqualish, but when it comes down to it, it's just not Star Wars. It's just some wackjob wizzer fooling themselves. There ar

Shadowrun MMO

Would you like to see a Shadowrun MMO?

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