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New York's Finest

Every city has a secret they say. Every city has it‘s black sheep, it‘s heroes and it‘s monsters. But this city has much more to discover than that. There are mysterious beings that claimed to have seen in a haunted Hotel. Superstition or truth? Wel

#york, #nypd, #roleplay, #crime, #supernatural


The Church of the Divine and Venerated Saint Johnny Thunders, the Patron Saint of Rock 'N' Roll

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A Random Street in New York {Private Topic, So Yeah}

~Shawn Richarrn - Deimos~ I walked down the dark, crummy street of Manhatten, with my cane in hand. It was around midnight and I had no idea where I was going, I had gotten kicked out of a Starbucks for, as they claim, 'loitering though I'd use that term

Ben 10 Divided By 2 Worlds [Alternate Universe Thread]

Today was the day, Ben 10's birthday had come once again and he was celebrating it with friends and family (or rather the Teen Titans and his girlfriend). Julie and a few of the other Titans, along with his other teen heroes had thrown him a party with a

Eddie rath songs listen and comment

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Furi ===IDENTITY=== Full Name: Furi of the Appoplexians Codename: Fury Nickname(s): He doesn't really care for nicknames Alias(es): Frank Irado Age: 18 Birth date: 2nd of February Classification: Alien: Species: Appoplexian Affiliation:

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