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The Mafia Lounge

A place where you can play fun, although slightly intense mafia games with several different themes, hosts, and roles in an forum environment.

#free, #forum, #mafia, #lounge

Free forum : XModz

Free forum : Join For the best Mods,Sales and Infections on the planet.It's free and There is tons of hosts

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Cross Academy

Cross Academy. A place where vampires and humans alike attend the same school seperated into two classes. The night class and the day class. The night class has a secret. A secret the day class must never find out. The night class is full of elite va

#cross, #academy, #place, #where, #vampires, #humans, #alike, #attend, #same, #school, #seperated, #into, #classes, #night, #class, #secret, #must, #neve

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Hosts IRL Names

Hey everyone. I was curious on all the Hosts real names. So I'm making a list of all of them while stalking old applications! Also I've asked Duya and some other people to tell me these names. I don't know all and am not sure if Duya is making up names

I'm so sorry for all cora dyce girl hosts... (Katie,Christina,Christine,Courtneyz,Majed)

You don't have penis!! Top 10: Things to Do With a Boner Other Than Sex 10. Shadow Puppetry. This is one of the oldest art forms known to man. Why no one decided to throw a dong into the mix is anyone’s guess. With a third appendage you can

Really old Cora Dyce pictures - Before Hosts were Hosts!

Pic w/ Dream and I conversating about a girl: Pic of 'Host Cindy' taking a vow:

[IRC] Be Aware of Imposters ---How to Prevent Getting Scammed--- [Administrator, Hosts, Member Approved]

Introduction As many of you have known, about 50% of all scam reports, whether on the Cora Dyce Forums or in Rs, are about Imposters. There are many scams out there, most are very tricky and depend on if you are observant or not. I will give out the

Hosts Feedback Thread [List of all hosts]

This thread has been made so you, the betters can submit your feedback to certain hosts. Either bad feedback or good feedback your criticism is needed to keep cora dyce at the top (because WE ARE #1). For this thread just name the host(s) your are

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