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The place where members can openly discuss all things Kayaking in Perth and Western Australia

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Swan in new shocker..

I was talking with a work colleague who told me his sister's boyfriend's boss was talking to his next door neighbour who's dad is the postman of David Beckham's agent. Apparantly, Chris Swan interviewed Beckham for the manager position at the

This Chris Swan fella...

The guy talked about previously who has an interest in buying a local football club. We know he went in for Harriers, some interesting thoughts here...

New Supplier - Swan Hill Detectors

Just thought I would share with you my dealings with a new supplier On Ebay I decided to buy a couple of speakers, these were from Swan Hill Detectors I hadn't heard of them before but on chatting to

First Gen swan neck mirror arm dimensions

Like the post title states, I am looking to get the dimensions of the First Gen swan neck mirror arms that everyone is trying so hard to find. I am going to be attempting to create my own from scratch. I have the correct rubber gasket for the base, so I

Chris Swan

Has taken over Kidderminister subject to contract

Swan Racing / COME racing 3800 parts

Swan has a whole line of rotating assembly parts for the 3800 motor. COME racing has some big time upgrades also. Swan is based in Ohio it looks like but anyway, Are the series II L67's

Adrian Schultheiss talks about Dai's Swan Lake

According to the interview with Adrian Schultheiss at Absolute Skating, he talked about Daisuke's last season Short Program "Swan Lake". He said " I thought Dai’s Swan Lake was super." from his

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