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Cherry wood tokonoma

A small two piece cherry tokonoma I designed to fit on a standard utility table often used for exhibitions. I thought it might be nice to display trees at home, Enjoy. Hank


Today some friends came over to help put trees away for the winter before I leave for Tokyo in the morning. The Rough bark Japanese maple which I used for an autumn display a few days ago started to fade color. So we simply removed the leaves, changed the


We have been taking photos for my upcoming new book and today my Rough bark Japanese maple, Acer palmatum 'Arakawa', looked pretty good. After taking a formal photo I brought it inside the studio to display when David Knittle dropped by. He built the

tokonoma progression

Slowly but surely, I've been advancing the look of my tokonoma in the house. Recently i added a shelf off to the left to expand the ability to display a third item. I'm kinda in a quandry because the post on the right should be wood. If I go exactly t

Tokonoma Display Competition 2013

One picture = a Thousand words... stonener *still time and space, play like you mean it*

Outside Tokonoma

But of an odd one here (but then again I’m very odd, ask anyone who’s met me) can you have a tokonoma outside or is it not the done thing? I’ve just finished re-vamping my patio and bench area and have a nice small display bench at the back of my

tokonoma improvement

I was gonna wait till it was all done before posting. I spent the weekend looking at modern day photo of tokonomas on the web and noticed a plastic wood being used in the more modern shots. So I'm trying to find a post like that in my area that i can

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