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Free forum : A Battle Of Crowns

Free forum : A world in which dominance over the lands is fought by the crowns of Vampire and Werewolf in an age old battle where all your can trust is the blade in your hand

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Magqubu Ntombela’s father fought in Cetshwayo’s Zulu army at the great battle of Isandlwana Click Here: Magqubu Ntombela’s Speech

Stand Where They Fought

There are some really good photo's on this site. Love the photo of the stone where Younghusband fell. Click on photo to enlarge.

An interpretation of one of the most famous battles fought by British

90th. whats your take on this. We're looking at an interpretation of one of the most famous battles fought by British soldiers in the 19th century. It occurred in 1879, early in what we call the Zulu war, as British troops were invading the Zulu

Charles Rutherford

Charles Rutherford was born on September 7, 1865, at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh. He was described by family members as a wanderer. In 1895-96 Charles Rutherford II took part in the Jameson Raid in Southern Africa, went to Angola, then, on his way to the

Private William Cooper

Hello to you all, I am not yet sure if I am posting this message correctly, but no doubt someone will advise me about this. I have been doing a little research about private William Cooper as it has always been thought in the family that he was some

Jean Dupont (The Goose who fought Zorin) DONE (death by suicide)

Death: During Hellsing's war on the Knights of the Damned, Jean and the Wild Geese attacked William O'Conner, general and acting leader of the Knights. After the majority of his group was killed, Jean saw no other option, being heavily injured and out of

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