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The Quilting & Patchwork Cottage

We are a group of like-minded people who come together to share ideas and encourage each other ... oh ... and we also enjoy the occasional swap as well ...

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The Quilter's Last Resort

The LAST place you'll have to find when looking for quilting companions.

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Applique with Felted Wool

I was asked to post a tutorial on applique with felted wool. I just got a magazine.. Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting Oct. 2008 issue and it had a great project to use as an example. You will need a nice flannel for your

Applique pressing sheet?

Does anybody have one of these? My Snow Sweet Shoppe BOM is very tedious with LOTS of little pieces. After having half of them move around on me while trying to arrange the design in January, I picked this up at the quilt show a few weeks ago, thinking it

Diana's Dance - applique wall hanging - sewing

Diana's Dance - applique wall hanging - sewing

Towel - Applique Basket = crochet

This is a basket to crochet and sew onto a bath towel. It holds a washcloth. Applique Basket for Bath Towel Materials: Bedspread cotton thread, Hook size 7 Row 1: Ch 38, dc in 4yh st from hook, l dc in each remaining st of chain. Row 2: Ch 3,

Machine Applique Tutorial

I have a 'how to' on my blog for machine applique using dragons like this one. There are two - one on fusible web application and one on stitching.

Corner triangles on my applique blocks

These questions from the inexperienced must seem so DUH to some of you - but here goes. Finished block size is 10". I'm supposed to cut squares 2 7/8", then cut them on the diagonal to make triangles to sew in the corners of my blocks. I have

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