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Multicolour Steel Navigation Bar

Multicolour Steel Navigation

What are the codes for Navigation bar Hover?

I need the codes to hover my images on the navigation bar Can someone give me the codes? I got PUNBB

Navigation Buttons hover effect

Thank you for the help in advance! *[NOT SOLVED] 1st Question: How to I make the navi bar buttons light up or glow when the mouse is moved over them? [SOLVED] 2nd Question: Can I place an image/icon beside the username? [SOLVED] 3rd Question: Ca

Navigation Bar Center

How do I center my navigation bars through the CSS? because when i do it through the header and navigation (I mean through ACP), it doesnt center, any Ideas?

Navigation outline removal. (phpBB3 Forumotion forum)

Id like to remove the outline of the navbar (white roundish images that make it round and the white line under it) Not sure if thats clear enough. Thanks once again. ^^

How do i remove the navigation bar and have a drop down one

How do i remove the navigation bar and have a drop down one, Can you do it in steps, the tut did not work for me. i have punbb

Sub navigation<---- Link for what i want Thats a sub navigation with some drop down links want that on my forum under my logo between the 2 lines Heres a screenshot Please help me i want it th

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