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No Raw Power?

The Show at Peace N Love Festivals in Borlänge Sweden. Was Fantastic, but where was all the Raw Power songs? No'one was played. I would like to here 'danger' or 'search n destroy'. someone who knows why they don't play Raw Power ?

Gimme Danger - Joe Ambrose

According to, this book is due for re-release on Nov 6, 2007... Anyone know why??? Has it been updated???

Extended Versions of Gimme Danger & I Need Somebody

Does anyone know if these extended verisons of Gimme Danger and I Need Somebody are avaible?

Gimme Some Lyrics

Hey, does anyone know the lyrics the frankly (born again to them) brilliant I got A Right and Gimme Some Skin, ano its Iggy so theyre all different probly, but does anyone know the lyrics to the Godfathers of LA Punk CDs versions? Btw, EVERYONE DOWNLOA

Search and destroy from tonight....

bad video but here it is... (still sounds pretty badass to me + ig's lookin' totally god-like)

Gimme Some Skin Another compilation again!! Nothing new really!

SFLA Deluxe Box, picture disc... MULTI TRACKS!!

So I walk out my front door to leave for work this morning and there's a huge box on my doorstep. Addressed to me. I bring it inside and open it up - two "Songs From Lonely Avenue" Deluxe Box Sets and four picture discs!!! Yeaaaah!!! I

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